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"In an alternate universe, I don't want to live in the uk"

A combination of actor musicianship, and autobiographical and documentary theatre, this 45-minute solo audience participatory show "In an Alternate Universe, I Don't Want to Live in the UK" presents the journey of an unwilling Hongkonger's relocation to the UK, which intersects with wider debates about immigration and political suppression at the geo-political level. With a human face to struggles that are either ignored or narrated by those in power, the performance shows how "artivism" can cut through to audiences in ways conventional protests may not. The show also offers a democratic way for the audience to take a glimpse into possibilities in "other universes" via live voting.


As the show explores a self-exiled Hongkonger's reasons and process of integration, relevant grief and struggles throughout the journey with moments of comedy and political weight, it is a show for Hongkongers living in the UK. Letting them know they are not alone, integration is not easy, and reminding them why they had come in the first place. It is also a show for migrants, for them to relate and reflect on their identities. It is too, undoubtedly, a show for locals to watch, not only to learn about the new under-represented diaspora of Hongkongers, which has grown to almost 180,000 in number across the UK, but also to understand how precious freedoms and human rights could be while a lot might have taken them for granted.

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Getting tickets

Brighton Fringe performances:
11/05/2024 5:00pm GMT, The Lantern @ ACT
12/05/2024 5:00pm GMT, The Lantern @ ACT
​Details & tickets here

Guildford (21 Apr) performance & Watford (4 May) performances - stay tuned!

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